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Blur Guard

Blur Metal 0- 1.5

Blur Metal 0- 1.5

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We turned our signature Blur Guard into a metal version.

Blur Metal is a taper style blade.


When zero gapped it cuts from a 0 and opens to a 1.5

If you don’t zero gap the blade, it can open from a .5 to a 2


Hardened C.M anti-rust stainless steel, sharpened to meet the highest requirements of microns.


Fits on any Wahl style bracket holes, such as Gamma, Ergo, Babyliss, Jrl ect.

We like to use Blur Metal with a float lever (taking out the clicks on the machine levers) so the blade opens bigger.



CM Stainless steel

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The Blur Guard does not fit andis or oster . It fits any wahl style blade such as wahl , ergo, gamma, jrl, babyliss , seniors ect.

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